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The MaxOut Classic

By November 9, 2017Routines of the Day
Fit Calisthenics – Routine of the Day 


Here’s an intermediate calisthenics routine to improve endurance and gain strength in specialized exercises that will transfer to harder variations of it.

Only take a 90 sec rest between sets

  • Push ups, 3 sets, max reps
  • Chin ups, 3 sets, max reps
  • Jump Squats, 3 sets, max reps
  • Dips, 3 sets, max reps


*For beginners, simply do 1 maxout set and jump straight to the next exercise. Do the 4 exercise maxouts a total of 3 times.

*For advanced and savage, add some weight, increase the amount of sets for each exercise, or both *wink wink*.


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